"Freeside. Why wait?"
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    when ya straight friend won’t let you suck his dick image

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    Well looks I’ve found what John Green uses to write metaphors with.

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    just a heads up, if i ever weird you out on any level, too friendly, too flirty, anything at all, i encourage you to be very vocal towards me about it to make sure i dont continue to make you uncomfortable. i dont want anyone feeling like im not someone they can trust and be comfortable around.

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    • me flirting: so what's the deal with having to exist as a physical entity
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    Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

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  • girl scout badges and accomplishments




    -blood tithing
    -demon hosting
    -bearer of the dark crystal
    -antagonizing extraterrestrials
    -day out on the lake of fire
    -grievous injury
    -self surgery
    -best warcry
    -chainmail fashion
    -week alone in the woods of eternal night
    -malevolent fungus taiming/p>

    Pleas dont lie on the internet like this

    i was a girl scout for several centuries

    She reached the level of Eternal Scout.

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    becoming a demon seems like a good career option

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  • "Take it all back. Life is boring, except for flowers, sunshine, your perfect legs. A glass of cold water when you are really thirsty. The way bodies fit together. Fresh and young and sweet. Coffee in the morning. These are just moments. I struggle with the in-betweens. I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?"

    Pablo Neruda

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    I want to be spoiled but I also feel extremely guilty when people use money on me

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